Lahureko chhorale kale Morale

Politics is increasing in the artists with a republican establishment. In the last 10 years hundreds of nominated artists joined various parties. Artist's name and value earned in the artistic field brought waves to unity parties. However, the artists who came in active politics have not been able to establish the party.

Leaders and artists are also disappointed after not getting the role and success. Some have been repeatedly changing the party. Because of the prosperity of the country due to artistic, why did not the artists who came to politics have failed in politics? Thapa, who entered RPPP before joining the Maoist and said, "I have come to politics to serve the country. However, our voice and agenda were tried. Therefore, the artist has not been able to establish his agenda. 'He is now the central member of RAPPPA.

Bhupan KC, who has earned only one Thapa and a single discussion, is not only the Thapa but is also suffering from politics. The name of the KC, who got the assurance to make a ticket candidate from Kathmandu-1 in the second Constituent Assembly election was finalized. After the UML refused to give a ticket, Bhuvan was in a position to go to Nepal. After finding it, he was almost sure to give a ticket to the hero Bhuvan in the initiative of senior leader Madhav Nepal to stop the party. Bhawan was also very happy after getting a ticket. He said that in the media he had got three million rupees along with Nepal. However, in the party's pressure within the party, his ticket was looted. Beyond Bhawan Gill.

But, because he did not enter the party to take political advantage, he said that he did not affect himself. "I have come into politics with selfless sense. So, I am ready to bear the responsibility given by the party, but I do not say the greed of the verse. The party would change that I did not get the position. 'KC is just an example, like him, there are plenty of assurances in the party.

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