Jogaaunu chha kalapani

Fergun 14. The new nationwide song has been made public by the popular folk and dual singer, AnimalPity Sharma, who has been listening to audience listeners and giving different motives.

In this song in Durga Panini's writings, Pashupati Sharma has only given voice. Singapati Sharma, a singer who has voiced the song, says' The new Pushta 'we have to save the water is to save the water.'

Singer Sharma said that the song is a very good newsman, but he is very optimistic from this song because the intention of blocking the youth of foreigners. Lei Sharma is in the song. In the eight-minute long double song, singer Sharma has been accompanied by a popular dual singer, Art Pengi.

The time has been presented in the song that in the society, things like common life, traditions and human interests are going on gradually.

These are the videos

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