Sada Jiwan Ucha Bichar by Kala Pangeni & Khuman Adhikari

Published on Aug 23, 2015
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!!!!Song: Sada Jiwan Uchha Bichar
Vocal : Kala Pangeni and Khuman Adhikari
Lyrics : Durga Pangeni
Music : Khuman Adhikariv
Album : Sada Jiwan Uchha Bichar
Camera: Rajesh Ghimire
Director : Kapil Lama
Editor : Sujan Shahi
Models : Mahendra Gautam and
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The artist can not say that the party is not able to attend: Bhusal

The Maoist's spokesperson, Pampha Bhasal, does not agree with the idea that the artist did not have a chance at the party. 'There are various departments of the party, organizations, public relations committees. There, the artists have taken responsibility from their own, "Bhasal says," In the context of local elections, the party has made them party in various responsibilities. So, I'm not ready to think that the political party has bypassed the artist.

Political analyst Jyothottam Dahal enters those who enter politics and lose anonymity because of his fate. Artists are anonymous due to no responsibility and role in entering the party. Its example is the situation after the second CA election of 070. So, after the election, the ancestors cast anonymously at the local level. This can be understood by how the political parties are using the artist. Charisma tells the artist why she does not want to take her responsibility and not give interest in the party too much.

As anonymity, the number of party change is equally similar. After the CPN-M Maoists came to peace process, Rakha Thapa entered the party. Uttarla Thapa gave the assurance to the Chairman of the Film Development Board. However, she could not become president. Then the protagonist, who became inactive, entered the Ramprada some time earlier. Similarly, Neer Shah, who became the Maoist after coming to the Republic, has entered the Congress for the last time. CP Pathak of UML's Janakshak Sangh Sangha entered the Maoist.

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