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Why do artists fall into politics?

In an interview, critics Mahesh Poudel said that most of the artists who entered the party last year had no vision. However, Kalam Valley, who has left the job to Rappaapura, says three reasons why the artist will enter the party. 'Artists have entered the party for opportunity, popularity and contribution. Some have said that they have entered, "she says. When she said that she did not change the artists, it was in politics to reach politics level and work in politics to work in favor of the people.

Bhuvan KC, a member affiliated with the UML, said that he was in politics to raise the voice of the artist and to the right of the rights. Lekha Thapa Kalakarya, who has entered Rappa by the Maoists and then presented consciousness, said that she could not change the life level of the people even if she gave consciousness. She says, "I have come to politics to play an intervention role in the level of implementation of justice and the people's agenda."

Since Radhika Radhika, Hamal Karthatyas, a populist, who is affiliated with Congress, can not develop the entire nation, she says she comes to politics. She said that she was planning to work for the country's development and prosperity and to work in public interest through politics.

Badri Panchini, singer singing songs for UML's election campaign, said that she was in this area only to understand politics. Chintan Sapkota, musician affiliated with Maoist Center, told that he entered politics in order to organize artistic career through systematic and rationale.

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